The Bad Guys Wolf and Friends

If you need a great movie that you can watch with your kids, The Bad Guys is a perfect choice. This movie is about five friends who are always seen as criminals and as the bad guys. Are we not afraid of wolves, sharks, snakes, piranhas, and tarantulas? Wolves are feared and hated and killed for that reason. But what if these bad guys that we fear are good guys?

The Plot

The Bad Guys is a DreamWorks Animation movie about five criminals; Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Shark, and Ms. Tarantula. The criminal animal gang is led by the pickpocketer gray wolf, Mr. Wolf. Mr. Wolf’s best friend is the eastern brown snake called Mr. Snake. He is skilled at opening safes. The master of disguise is a great white shark called Mr. Shark. Ms. Tarantula is a redknee tarantula that is an expert hacker, while Mr. Piranha is the group’s muscle. Together, they use their skills to complete several heists that lead them to be feared and hated by the masses.

When the gang is arrested for a crime they didn’t commit, a guinea pig called Professor Rupert Marmalade IV wants to give the bad guys another chance. He wants to prove that anyone can be good. Without knowing it, the friends realize that they can be good and selfless.

During the entire movie, grownups will be able to laugh, probably more than the kids. Unlike some animated movies, this one hits the core with everyone. This movie will make you laugh whether you hate or love wolves, sharks, piranhas, tarantulas, or snakes! Perhaps it will also make you see another side to these animals. You will also learn a few fun facts about the different animals, so pay close attention.

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