Howl of the West: A Northwestern Wolf Trivia Challenge

The Northwestern wolf, also known as Canis lupus occidentalis, is a subspecies of the gray wolf that primarily inhabits the western part of North America. As a key predator in its ecosystem, the Northwestern wolf plays an essential role in maintaining the health and balance of its environment

Physical Characteristics

The Northwestern wolf is one of the largest subspecies of the gray wolf, with males weighing between 85 to 155 pounds and females slightly smaller.


The Northwestern wolf is found mainly in western North America, including Alaska, the western Canadian provinces, and parts of the northwestern United States.


These wolves primarily hunt large ungulates like moose, elk, caribou, and deer. They also consume smaller mammals, birds, and carrion.


The Northwestern wolf lives in packs that typically consist of 6 to 12 members, although larger packs are not uncommon.

Northwestern Wolf Trivia Challenge – Questions and Answers

Question 1: What is the scientific name of the Northwestern wolf?

Answer 1: Canis lupus occidentalis

Question 2: Where is the Northwestern wolf primarily found?

Answer 2: Western North America, including Alaska, western Canada, and the northwestern United States

Question 3: What is the typical weight range of a male Northwestern wolf?

Answer 3: 85 to 155 pounds

Question 4: What are the main prey items in the diet of the Northwestern wolf?

Answer 4: Large ungulates like moose, elk, caribou, and deer

Question 5: How do Northwestern wolves communicate within the pack?

Answer 5: Through vocalizations, body language, and facial expressions

Question 6: What types of ecosystems do Northwestern wolves inhabit?

Answer 6: Forests, mountains, tundra, and grasslands

Question 7: What are the main threats to the Northwestern wolf population?

Answer 7: Habitat loss, hunting, and human-wildlife conflicts

Question 8: How large is a typical Northwestern wolf pack?

Answer 8: Usually 6 to 12 members

Question 9: What role does the alpha pair play in a Northwestern wolf pack?

Answer 9: They lead the pack and are often the only breeding pair

Question 10: What conservation status does the Northwestern wolf currently hold?

Answer 10: Not considered endangered, but facing threats in some regions

Wolves Questions & Answers Trivia Game

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