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‘Super Monster Wolves’ robots to deter bears

In Japane, people are pivoting to ‘Super Monster Wolves’ robots to deter bears. Since 2017, robotic wolves have been used to help farmers scare off wild boars. Now, a company called Wolf Kamuy is helping farmers scare off bears from their properties as well.

In rural Japan, like Halkakdo and surrounding areas, there are an estimated 22,000 bears. Over 150 bear related incidents have been recorded in this area in the past sixty years. In 2021 alone, there were four bear related fatalities. These areas also have a high elderly population. In order to protect the farmland and the elderly people, scary, robotic wolves have been implemented.

Monster Wolf Robots

‘Super Monster Wolves’ robots are designed to scare off wildlife. These wolves stand about 2.5 feet high and almost 4 feet long. They are covered in faux fur, have LED red eyes, iron pipes for legs, and a waterproof speaker attached to the bottom of its belly. These robotic wolves also have heads that turn and emit 50 different sound recordings. This way, the wildlife won’t get used to the same wolf call. The robotic wolf is powered by a 12v car battery, but a solar panel can also be used. According to the company, these monster wolves can help deter deer, wild boars and bear from damaging crops. This is also a non lethal method to discourage wildlife from properties. The wolves are activated when animals approach the infrared sensor.

Due to climate change, deforestation, and urban expansions, wildlife like bears have no choice but to wonder off into civilization in search of food. With these wolf robots, the elderly communities hope to steer them away from their homes and crops. They also hope these robots will save lives and prevent human-bear interactions.

While this is not a permanent solution to the rising bear population and attacks in Japan, so far it has been proven to help deter bears and other wildlife. Do you think these robotic wolves will come to the states as well? What are your thoughts on these robotic wolves?

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