Wolf Therapy for Teens and Adults

A wolf sanctuary in California is changing lives with its wolf therapy. Wolf Connection has been helping people connect with nature and learn about conservation for over a decade. Since 2009 the Wolf Connection has been educating and inspiring at-risk youth in Las Angeles and surrounding areas. With their therapy, they help youth form a bond with a wolf and connect with themselves and others.

What is Wolf Therapy?

Wolf therapy is an eight-week program that helps build character in a safe environment. The program incorporated the Wolf Principles and The Nine Realms of Wolf to help participants get a deeper meaning and understanding of the experience. With the support of the team and wolf pack, participants can understand the difference between abuse and neglect, love and empowerment. With the program, youth can also replace aggression with acceptance, understanding, and respect.

How does the wolfdog help the youth and adults? Every participant can meet and connect with a wolf. They learn about their stories and how they pushed through to thrive in their new environment. From neglect and abuse they learn to receive and give love back. The neglected, angry kids get to listen to their stories and can connect with them on a deeper and more meaningful level. The same goes for adults.

Wolf Connection doesn’t just help the youth at risk, they also offer programs for families, women and veterans. They can all join the wolves on a hike, connect with nature and each other. If you love wolves or wolfdogs, check out this incredible sanctuary. You can also donate, volunteer or sponsor a wolf to help the sanctuary thrive and continue to help others.

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