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The Eastern Wolf Quiz: How Well Do You Know This Mysterious Predator?

The Eastern Wolf (Canis lupus lycaon), also known as the Eastern Timber Wolf or Algonquin Wolf, is a fascinating and enigmatic creature. Native to the Great Lakes region and the southeastern parts of Canada, the Eastern Wolf plays a vital role in the ecosystems it inhabits.


The Eastern Wolf is a medium to large-sized canine, typically weighing between 50 to 70 pounds. Its fur ranges in color from tan and brown to grey, and its eyes are often a striking yellow or amber.


The Eastern Wolf primarily inhabits the mixed forests of the Great Lakes region, including parts of Ontario, Quebec, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.


The diet of the Eastern Wolf mainly consists of white-tailed deer, but it also feeds on smaller mammals such as rabbits, beavers, and rodents.

Social Structure

Eastern Wolves live in close-knit packs consisting of a breeding pair and their offspring. The pack works together to hunt, protect their territory, and care for the young.

Question 1: What other names are given to the Eastern Wolf?

Answer 1: Eastern Timber Wolf, Algonquin Wolf.

Question 2: Where is the Eastern Wolf primarily found?

Answer 2: Great Lakes region, southeastern parts of Canada.

Question 3: What is the typical weight of an Eastern Wolf?

Answer 3: Between 50 to 70 pounds.

Question 4: What color are the eyes of an Eastern Wolf?

Answer 4: Yellow or amber.

Question 5: What is the primary prey of the Eastern Wolf?

Answer 5: White-tailed deer.

Question 6: How does the Eastern Wolf communicate within its pack?

Answer 6: Vocalizations, body language, and scent markings.

Question 7: What are the major threats to the Eastern Wolf’s population?

Answer 7: Habitat loss, hunting, and hybridization with coyotes and Gray Wolves.

Question 8: How does the Eastern Wolf’s size compare to the Gray Wolf and Coyote?

Answer 8: It resembles a mix between the larger Gray Wolf and the smaller Coyote.

Question 9: How are the Eastern Wolf’s young cared for?

Answer 9: The pack works together to care for the young.

Question 10: What kind of regions do Eastern Wolves inhabit within their range?

Answer 10: Dense woodlands and open fields.

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