120 Wolf Names

120 Wolf Names And Meanings From Around The World

A compilation of Wolf Names and meanings from all over the world.

120 Wolf Names

No doubt, wolves are one of nature’s most intriguing creatures. Because of that, Wolf names are quite popular and have been used for centuries now.

Popular species like the Gray wolf in particular have been the subject of several movies, myths and works of fiction.

Different cultures attribute wolf names to different traits, incidents, and virtues such as bravery, victory, nobility, etc.

We’ve scoured thousands of possible wolf names and selected 120 names that are unique: so how do you choose the right one? Here are a few points to consider:

  • Are you naming an actual wolf, a wolf-dog, dog or some other pet?
  • What’s the appearance of the pet you are naming? Is it cute and cuddly or fierce?
  • What’s the normal behavior of the animal? Is it calm or always boisterous?
  • Colors and markings are also a good indicator when naming a pet. Is it red, yellow, black?
  • Consider some other very unique trait of your pet.
  • Are you writing a book and you need a name for a character? You could even combine names and play with the letters to come up with something very creative.

Below is our compilation of wolf names: some popular, some not so popular. You’re sure to find something that suits your taste.

120 Wolf Names And Meanings From Around The World.

  Name Meaning Origin
1 Adalwolf Noble wolf German
2 Adalwolfa Noble she-wolf German
3 Adolph Noble wolf German
4 Adolphus Noble wolf German
5 Amaguk Wolf Inuit
6 Amoux Eagle wolf French
7 Ardwolf Home loving wolf English
8 Bardolf Ax wolf Old English
9 Beowulf Intelligent wolf Anglo-Saxon
10 Bighana Wolf India
11 Bjomolf Bear wolf Norse
12 Bodolf Wolf leader Norse
13 Boris Wolf, short Russian
14 Caleb Dog Hebrew
15 Canagan Wolf cub Celtic
16 Channing Young wolf, Church official Old French
17 Chanteloup Wolf Song French
18 Conan Hound, Wolf Irish
19 Conall Strength of a wolf Irish
20 Connery Wolf farmer Celtic
21 Connor Wolf lover Irish
22 Conwenna Wolf, hound Cornish
23 Dakota Friends Native American
24 Dib Wolf Arabic
25 Edon Wolf French
26 Ethelwulf Noble wolf Old English
27 Eyolf Lucky wolf Norwegian
28 Faoiltiama Wolf lady Irish
29 Farkas Wolf Hungarian
30 Fenris Mythical monster wolf Norse
31 Filtiarn Lord of wolves Celtic
32 Freki Odin’s wolf Norse
33 Fridolf Peace loving wolf Old English
34 Gonzalo Wolf Spanish
35 Guadalupe Wolf valley Arabic
36 Gunnolf Fighting wolf Norse
37 Honi Wolf Native American
38 Honiahaka Little wolf Native American
39 Ingolf Ing’s wolf Norse
40 Ivaylo Wolf Bulgarian
41 Kiyiya Howling wolf Native American
42 Kuckunniwi Little wolf Native American
43 Kurt Wolf Turkish
44 Larentia She-wolf mother of Remus and Romulus Latin
45 Leidolf Descendant of wolves Norse
46 Leloo Wolf Native American
47 Lobo Wolf Portuguese
48 Louvel Little wolf French
49 Lowe Little wolf French
50 Lowell Wolf cub Old French
51 Lupe Wolf Spanish
52 Lupo Wolf Italian
53 Lupus Wolf Latin
54 Lycaonia She-wolf Bible
55 Lykaios Wolf-like Greek
56 Maccon Wolf’s son Celtic
57 Marrok Werewolf Knight King Arthur’s Legend
58 Maheegan Wolf Native American
59 Maugrim Powerful wolf Fictional World Of Narnia
60 Mingin Grey wolf Native American
61 Nuntis The Sun-Wolf Latin
62 Ocumwhowurst Yellow wolf Native American
63 Odol Prosperous wolf Old German
64 Odwolfe Welathy wolf English
65 Olcan Wolf Celtic
66 Ookami Wolf Japanese
67 Otsanda She-wolf Basque
68 Phelan Wolf-like Irish
69 Radolf Red wolf English
70 Raff Red wolf English
71 Ralph Wolf counsel or fearless adviser Old English
72 Rand Shield wolf Anglo-Saxon
73 Randale Wolf’s shield English
74 Randolph Wolf shield Old German
75 Ranulfo Wolf’s shield Teutonic
76 Raoul Wolf council or red wolf English
77 Raul Wolf counsel Spanish
78 Rezso Famous wolf Teutonic
79 Rodolfo Famous wolf Spanish
80 Rollo Famous wolf Teutonic
81 Rollin Famous wolf Teutonic
82 Roukan Wolf counsel Japanese
83 Rudi Abbreviation for Rudolph German
84 Rudolph Famous wolf Old German
85 Sandalio True wolf Spanish
86 Seff Wolf Hebrew
87 Sirhaan Wolf Islam
88 Skoll Wolf that chased the Sun Norse
89 Susi Wolf Finnish
90 Tala Stalking wolf or red wolf Native American
91 Tasha Wolf Native American
92 Tchono Wolf Mongolian
92 Tunstall Thor’s wolf Teutonic
94 Udolph Wind Native American
95 Ulf Wolf-like or courageous Swedish
96 Ulfgang Wolf’s fang Norse
97 Ulfred Wolf of peace Old English
98 Ulmer Fame of the wolf Norse
99 Ulric Power of the wolf English
100 Ulrika Wolf ruler English
101 Ulrich Female wolf English
102 Uwais Small wolf Islam
103 Varg Wolf Norse
104 Velvel Wolf Yiddish
105 Vilkas Wolf Latvian
106 Vilks Wolf Latvian
107 Vukasin Wolf Serbian
108 Waya Wolf Native American
109 Weylyn Son of the wolf Celtic
110 Wolfgang Son of the wolf or path of the wolf German/Teutonic
112 Wolfram Wolf raven Teutonic
113 Wolfrik Wolf leader German
114 Woolsey Victorious wolf English
115 Wulfgar Wolf-like spear Anglo-Saxon
116 Ylva She-wolf Scandinavian
117 Yowlumne Wolf people Native American
118 Zayez Wolf Hebrew
119 Zeeb Wolf Bible
120 Z’ev Wolf Hebrew

Do you have any favorite wolf names? Let us know in the comments.

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