7 reasons we are so in love with wolves

7 Reasons We Are So In Love With Wolves

Wolves continue to fascinate us and here are 7 reasons we are so in love with them.

7 reasons we are so in love with wolvesNo doubt, wolves remain one of the most fascinating terrestrial creatures sharing the planet with us. These animals were even regarded as gods – or companions of the gods – in Norse mythology and were instrumental in the history of places like Rome.

Traditionally, wolves inhabited all of North America. But by the time more Europeans started to settle in North America, the wolf population began dropping rapidly due to intense hunting practices.

That’s because Europeans back then feared and hated wolves based on prejudices passed on from generation to generation. They saw these animals as cruel and bloodthirsty beasts.

Despite all that, humans still admired some wolf qualities and wanted them around. So much so that out of all the wild animals, they were the first that people first domesticated over 10,000 years ago.

With time they became man’s dearest friends and direst enemies, depending on how you look at it.

So, one may wonder why people’s feeling and attitudes towards wolves changed from hatred, fear, and dread to fascination and even love.

Below are some of the reasons we love wolves so much.

7 Reasons We Love Wolves

1) A Spiritual Animal

In some cultures, the wolf is a spirit-animal especially among the Celtic and North American people. Because of that trait, they use it often to symbolize sharp intelligence; a quality which many people seek.

For instance, among Native American tribes, the wolf is one of the most respected totems of all.

The animal is also associated with deep connection with instincts and an unquenchable appetite for freedom.

2) Loyal Beings

Notably, these incredible creatures are dedicated and loyal to their packs a trait that human beings value. A wolf will not break ranks with its pack unless it’s time to move on and form its own pack.

They will defend their territory and fight to the death with any intruding packs on their turf. Also, the system of alpha and subordinate is quite intriguing to explore.

3) We Can Relate With Many Aspects Of Wolf Living

They are a lot like human beings. Wolves tend to form lasting connections just like we do. Females and males of the species that mate tend to stay together all their life.

Only the death of one party separates them.

The pair become devoted parents, and they also maintain sophisticated family ties. Wolves are naturally social animals and will hardly ever live alone; at worst they live in pairs. Moreover, they are a keystone species that connect human beings to their primal selves.

Although humans feared wolves for centuries, they still admired many traits in these fascinating and wild creatures.

4) They Signify Courage And Strength

We see in them courage and strength. The Vikings wore wolf skins, and they also drank their blood as they believed that the practice would give them the wolf’s spirit in battle. They saw wolves as battle companions, and hence were fascinated with their fighting power.

Of course, very few animals can contend with wolves in battle as they are formidable enough to bring down prey much larger than themselves.

5) Wolves Are Inherently Wild And Free

Another aspect of our fixation with wolves revolves around the fact that they are one of the few animals considered to be truly wild. Despite trying time and again, people cannot decipher their unruly behavior and need to run free.

Wolves have sharp slanting eyes, graceful movement, keen smell, long poignant howls, and large hunting packs. These creatures hold a mystical power both wise and ancient that speaks to the soul of human beings.

A wolf will glide silently through the night and then suddenly start to howl followed by the rest of its pack in a beautiful sound. Much like a well-orchestrated symphony in excellent tune with each other.

6) It’s Cool To Love Wolves

Other people just jump on the bandwagon of loving wolves because it is assumed to be cool and edgy. Wolves are considered to be mysterious, and human beings tend to get fascinated with the unknown.

7) They Are Almost Indestructible

Did you know that wolves are one of the most persecuted and hunted land mammals of all times? In fact, hunters still kill wolves to claim bounty on them in places like Russia and parts of Asia to date.

Historically, wolves also roamed much of Europe just like they did in North America. But people killed them in large numbers for centuries till they were completely wiped out in many countries.

For instance, there used to be large wolf populations in the UK, France, Denmark, Germany, etc., but hunters quickly killed them off leaving just a few surviving individuals.

Interestingly, wolves are now gradually returning back to many of their historic territories across Eurasia.

This is just a demonstration of how determined these creatures are to stay alive despite the most tough and unforgiving circumstances humans throw at them.

Though they are fierce predators, humans need to realize that we are not their target prey.

People’s renewed fascination with wolves has encouraged authorities to seek more sustainable and peaceful ways that we can coexistence with them. Hopefully, this will spell a new era of relative peace for these awesome creatures.

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