Wolf And Red Rose

25 Of The Best Wolf Tattoos You Have Got To See

Improved conservation efforts means wolves are making a strong comeback. Show your support with these Wolf Tattoos.

Wolf And Red Rose

The image of a wolf can mean many different things and can be used to pass on a particular message depending on who’s creating it and the person looking.

Usually, it depicts one or more of the many properties of wolves: strength, resilience, cunning, speed, warrior, hunter, spiritual guide, etc.

Although these creatures were severely persecuted globally, they are gradual making a slow but steady comeback.

From the cute tattoos to the fierce and even scary ones, here are 25 of the best wolf tattoos you’ve got to see.

25 Of The Best Wolf Tattoos You Have Got To See

1) Wolf Mask

Wolf Tattoos
Wolf Mask Tattoo (Photo: Pinterest)

Stunning wolf-mask body art with piercing blue eyes.

2) Lobo

Forearm Landscape wolf
Lobo (Photo: Naturalclassictattoo on Instagram)

Mexicans refer to the Timber wolf (a subspecies of the Gray Wolf ) as “Lobo.”

3) Geometric Forearm Wolf Tattoo

Forearm Geometric Wolf
Geometric Forearm Wolf Tattoo

Solemn looking geometric wolf tattoo for the forearm.

4) Wolf And Red Rose

Wolf And Red Rose
Wolf With A Red Rose (Photo: Pinterest)

Well executed, beautiful wolf face with a red rose in its jaw. You could try it with blue or green eyes.

5) Wolf And Flowers

Wolf And Flowers
Wolf And Flowers Tattoo

Interesting attention to detail allover.

6) Finger Wolf Tattoo

Finger Tattoo
Finger Wolf Tattoo (Photo: Cuded Art & Design on Pinterest)

If you prefer something more subtle, this would be perfect for you.

7) Wolf Head And Indian Chief

Tribal Torso Body Art
Wolf Head And Indian Chief (Photo: ebone.capone on Instagram)
Indian Chief and wolf head full front upper torso tattoo. Native American theme.

8) Howling At The Moon

Howling Wolf Tattoos
Howling Wolf And Moon (Pinterest)

Upper arm, realistic wolf and moon body art.

9) Geometric Wolf And Mountains

Geometric Wolf And Mountain Ink Work
Geometric Wolf Tattoo (Photo: Jhay Colis Tattoo)


Wolf tattoo with mountains.

10) Tribal Wolf-Woman Body Art

Tribal Tattoo
Tribal Wolf-Woman Body Art (Photo: Pinterest / google.co.uk)

Hyper realistic tribal Wolf-Woman tattoo in black and grey with some red thrown in.

11) Half Maori Wolf Tattoo


Half Maori Wolf
Half Maori Wolf (By: Alemão at Dark Art Tattoo, Sao Paulo Brazil)

Intriguing Half Maori wolf design .


12) Wolf And Pentagram

Wolf With Pentagram Pendant
Wolf With Pentagram (Photo: tattoojournal.com)

A wolf with a pentagram pendant for a deeper spiritual meaning.

13) Galaxy Wolf Body Art


Galaxy Wolf Tattoo
Galaxy Wolf Body Art (By: Nicky Arsenik. Red Octopus Tattoo, Crofton, MD)

What could be more mysterious than space. Most of us will never get to go there but this tattoo brings a bit of the Galaxy to you.

14) Howling Landscape Wolves


Howling Landscape Wolf
Howling Landscape Wolves (Photo: Tattooblend.com)

At first glance this looks like any other landscape tattoo. But look closer and you will see a howling wolf calling to another wolf: a lone wolf, just by one set of trees. This is a reminder of the persecution these animals have survived and their sheer will to survive.

15) Snarling Landscape Wolf


Snarling Mountain Wolf
Snarling Landscape Wolf (By: doddy_tattoos, Queenstown, New Zealand)

Black and gray snarling landscape wolf on the forearm and of course anywhere else you prefer to place it.

16) Blue Eyed Wolf Paw Design

Paw Print: Wolf Tattoos
Blue Eyed Wolf Paw Design (Photo: nextluxury.com)

Paw print design showing a Blue-eyed and a bit of vegetation.

17) Yin-Yang Wolf

Yin Yang Wolf Tattoos
Yin-Yang Wolf (Photo: pir-ado.com on Pinterest)

Simple looking tattoo but with very deep meaning. It shows the forces of Yin and Yang: negative and positive, passive and active in two wolves.

18) Midnight Blue Howling Wolf

Blue Wolf
Midnight Blue Howling Wolf (By: Juan David Castro R.)

Large Midnight Blue Howling Wolf on the torso but it could also work really well in a smaller size on the upper arm, wrist, back, or elsewhere.

19) Small Line Art Wolf Tattoo


Line Art Tribal WOlf
Line Art Tribal Wolf (By: Acanomuta Tattoo)

Small but eye-catching line art tribal design. A good choice for those with minimalist taste.

20) Multidimensional Geometric Wolf Tattoo

Geometric Split Tattoo
Multidimensional Geometric Wolf Tattoo (By: Nicholas Koster/Lygon St Tattoo)

This multidimensional design is a work of true talent and creativity.

21) Alpha Beta Wolf

Snarling Wolves On The Chest: Wolf
Wolf Tattoo (By Hannah Weston Fine Art & Tattoos)

Realistic pair of wolves.

22) Geometric Wolf Tattoo

Tribal Geometric Wolf
Geometric Wolf Tattoo (Photo: allotattoo.com / twin monkey tattoo)

23) Magical Mess

Magical Mess Watercolor Art
“Magical Mess” (Photo: Cuded Art & Design)

Watercolor wolf tattoo called a “Magical Mess.”

24) Wolf Girl Tattoo


Wolf Girl Spirit
Wolf Girl Tattoo (By: Peter Žuffa – Bodliak, Slovakia)

Unleash your inner wolf spirit with this bold Wolf-Girl Tattoo.

25) Watercolor Paint Splatter Wolf Tattoo

Ink Splatter Watercolor Wolf Tattoo


Do you have any favorite wolf tattoos? Let us know in the comments.

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