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Executing wolves to end conflicts could make matters worse. Here are some better wolf control strategies instead.

There Are Several Effective Wolf Control Measures That Are Non-Lethal: Wolf Control

There Are Several Effective Wolf Control Measures That Are Non-Lethal.

For generations now, livestock breeders had one method of getting rid of troublesome wolves: Just execute them. Especially the Alpha of the pack.

However, with time it’s becoming clear that this doesn’t solve the problem. It may even make it worse.

In fact, a study indicates that killing a wolf can increase the risk of future attacks from other wolves.

Below we take a quick look at the major issues in wolf control, lethal and non-lethal, as well as

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In this brief history of wolves and dogs, we look at the relationship between humans, wolves and dogs over the years.

Wolf-dog hybrid

Llop Is A Wolf-Dog Hybrid in Lobo Park, Antequerra, Spain (Author: Mariomassone cc by s.a. 3.0)

The staggering differences between the still-growing list of dog breeds are the effects of thousands of years of interbreeding to create over 150 distinct breeds. Charles Darwin thought that dogs were domesticated from many different types of wild dogs, but according to modern science, he was wrong.

Rather, DNA analysis on wolves and dogs indicate that dogs are direct descendants of the gray wolf.

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