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Wolf Imprinting, could it really happen or is it just a figment of Hollywood’s imagination?

Precocial Birds Following Their Mother : Wolf Imprinting

If you’re a fan of wolf/werewolf movies, literature, and such, you may have come across the term “imprinting” at some point or the other.

Imprinting is a term referring to a type of learning that occurs in a critical period early in an animal’s life. It occurs within the very first few hours or minutes after birth. At this time, it forms

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Dogs and Wolves: Researchers try to find out which of these animals is the better problem solver.

Domesticated Dog: Dogs and Wolves

Studies Suggest That Continuous Dependence On Humans Means Domestic Dogs Have Lost Part Of Their Problem Solving Skills.

In comparing wolves and dogs, are wolves better problem solvers than dogs? Experiments seeking answers to this question have produced surprising results. It appears wolves fare better at even basic problem solving than dogs.

A study published in the open access journal, Scientific Reports, shows that dogs perform poorly when compared to wolves in tasks that require understanding physical characteristics or

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Keeping a Pet Wolf is a dream come true for many animal lovers but it requires serious consideration. 

A Wolf Cub: Keeping A Pet Wolf

A Wolf Cub May Behave Exactly Like A Puppy But As It Grows Older, The Wild Instincts Gradually Become Noticeable.

People have both admired and feared wolves for practically centuries now. That wild, free and untamable spirit holds even the best of us in awe. However, by nature, these are not domesticated animal: most importantly they are not dogs.

Similarities, either in appearances or wolf cub temperament, makes us think we are looking at the closest thing to a cute puppy. Hence, wolf lovers dream of welcoming a wolf cub into their homes and raising/training it to behave like a domestic dog.

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