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Meet the African Golden Wolf, the latest ‘new’ wolf species discovered in the last 150 years.

African Golden Wolf

Senegalese Subspecies Near Kheune, Senegal. The Resemblance To The Eurasian Jackal Is Striking. (Author: Cécile Bloch, cc 3.0)

The African Golden Wolf goes by many names depending on its geographic location. Its scientific name Canis Anthus translates to “bird dog.”

This animal was classified as a variant of the Eurasian jackal all these years until a recent study by the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute identified it as a true wolf. The mistake is understandable; it bears an almost indistinguishable similarity with the jackal. However, it’s slightly larger in size than the jackal.

Nevertheless, it’s still close enough to the jackal to successfully cross-breed with it.

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Though wolves have been relentlessly executed all over the world for centuries now, the tide may be turning. Here are some places where you can see wolves in the wild worldwide.

White wolf: Places to See Wolves In the wild

Wolves Are Making A Gradual Return With Increased Protection By Governments Worldwide.

Wolves were hunted to near extinction in many parts of the world. Or, they were pushed out of their natural habitats into the most remote places imaginable by human activities.

Today, though you can find scattered populations in the world in many countries on earth, the largest concentrations of wolves still remain the northern regions of Alaska, Canada and Russia.

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