Unlike other major land predators, wolves live mostly in a wolf pack. Why is this so and how do they maintain order?

A Typical Wolf Pack

A Typical Wolf Pack

 A wolf pack is a group of wolves that live and act together as a social unit.

The wolf pack is a family that consists of the breeding pair (parents), and their daughters and sons. The parents are known as the alpha male and alpha female. Sometimes, the sisters and brothers of the leading pair also live in the pack.

Though the alphas may not necessarily be the biggest wolves in the pack, these individuals are generally the toughest and most respected.

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People have been fascinated with, and yet, afraid of the gray wolf for centuries now. Here are the facts about the largest wolf breed on earth, the gray wolf.

Closeup of the gray wolf

Closeup Of The Gray Wolf.

The gray wolf (or grey wolf) is a native animal of the wilderness and some remote areas of Eurasia and North America.

It’s the largest and most well-known wolf species to humans easily distinguished from other wolves by its sheer size and less pointed ears and muzzle.

 Though called gray wolf, their fur varies in color from mottled gray, pure white, red, brown, and even black.

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