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Wolves get a bad rap for being big and bad and killing people, but the statistics say otherwise.

Stairs : Wolves

Did you know that even though wolves have been feared and hated by many cultures and peoples for centuries, there are many other things humans embrace in their daily lives that are more likely to kill them than wolves?

For instance, falling furniture, drowning, household accidents, and even food.

The risks of dying from our daily activities are much higher than getting killed or eaten by a Gray wolf in the USA

Yes, wolves are skilled, powerful predators with sharp teeth. But, they have an inherent fear of

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Wolves Return To Denmark After 200 Years Of Absence  

A Wolf In Winter: Wolves return to Denmark

Wolves could soon be roaming in Denmark again after 200 years of absence. Although four male wolves have been resident in the country since 2012, the latest arrival of the first female wolf spells the beginning of a new dawn for the creatures.

The young female wolf in question appears to have trekked on her own all the way from Germany. That’s a distance of about 300 miles (500 km)!

The presence of a female among the males means it can now officially be classified as a wolf

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Meet an extraordinary man and wolf lover; Werner Freund.

Werner Freund Feeds a pack of Arctic Wolves

Werner Freund Feeds a pack of Arctic Wolves (Lisi Niesner/Reuters)

Werner Freund (2nd March 1933 – 9th February 2014) was a man of intense passion and commitment. Yes, people like that do exist but he was exceptional.

Imagine living with wolves and studying them for years in order to understand their

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