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The Yellowstone Druid Wolf Pack could be described as one of the most publicized wolf packs on Earth. What really happened to it?

Members of the Yellowstone Druid Pack Back In The Day

Members of the Yellowstone Druid Pack Back In The Day (Photo: Oliver Starr/Nathan Varley on Quora)

If you were to describe the Yellowstone Druid Wolf Pack as the most famous wolf pack on Earth, you wouldn’t be wrong. This was a pack that easily attracted up to 100,000 visitors to the Park when they ruled the territory.

But sadly, that’s no longer the case. So in the midst of lots of speculation and misinformation, what really happened to this pack?

Below are the facts.

Who Were The Yellowstone Druid Wolf Pack?

The Druid Pack was a family of Gray wolves captured in Canada and relocated to Yellowstone

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Animals that howl, scream, cluck, and even whistle are part of this motley crew of creatures in the same family as Wolves.Fennec Fox: Same family as wolves

Whatever species, size or build they may be, all wolves belong to the Canidae family. All members of this family are referred to as Canids, they are all furry and have cutting/slashing teeth but that’s largely where most of the similarities end. 

This family is so varied that most of the members are very distinct and don’t even look like they belong in the same family with wolves at all!

We already know about the domestic dog being in this family so below we are going to focus on

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The conflict between Wolves and Livestock (and their owners), is an age-old one.

Ranchers killing wolves in the 19th century: Wolves and Livestock

A Painting Of Ranchers Killing Wolves In The 19th Century. This Practice Has Been Going On For Centuries Now. (Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain. Author Unknown)

Suggestions and solutions for ending the conflict between Wolves and Livestock continue to elude humans for centuries now. And sadly, the most common solution they have found is the execution of these predators.

Though it may sound logical to anyone – lowering wolf population would lead to a decrease in the loss of animals such as sheep and cattle herds. But it’s an extremely lazy and reprehensible act. In the long run, wolf execution is not be as viable as everyone thinks.

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Here’s how you can avoid conflicts when Living with Wolves or near wolf territory.

A Gray Wolf; Living with wolves

Despite The Negative Stereotypes People Can Live Peacefully With Wolves.

Living or camping in wolf country can sometimes be dangerous – after all, wolves are territorial animals. Fortunately, for the most part, wolves keep to themselves and will not approach people.

However, wolves can become emboldened after getting used to human presence. Another common problem is carelessness on the part of humans. Actually, the majority of wolf-human conflict could be avoided by remembering some basic points when living with wolves. Or close to wolf territory

There are many precautions one can take to keep these conflicts from happening, many of

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Keeping Wolfdogs is a decision you’ll need to take after careful consideration.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog: Keeping Wolfdogs

A Czechoslovakian Wolfdog: (Photo: Pandora666/WikiMedia Commons cc by-sa 3.0)

Adding an animal of any kind to your home is a very important decision indeed. You’ll need to consider every aspect of the good and bad, pros and cons of your decision.

What Exactly Is A WolfDog Anyway?

A wolfdog is a cross between a gray wolf and a domestic dog breed. Usually, the most commonly used dog breeds are German Shepherds and Malamutes among others. The wolf content varies; from as low as one-quarter up to three-quarters.

So, you’re most likely to find them in three-quarters or half Malamute or German Shepherd and half or one-quarter wolf.

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Keeping a Pet Wolf is a dream come true for many animal lovers but it requires serious consideration. 

A Wolf Cub: Keeping A Pet Wolf

A Wolf Cub May Behave Exactly Like A Puppy But As It Grows Older, The Wild Instincts Gradually Become Noticeable.

People have both admired and feared wolves for practically centuries now. That wild, free and untamable spirit holds even the best of us in awe. However, by nature, these are not domesticated animal: most importantly they are not dogs.

Similarities, either in appearances or wolf cub temperament, makes us think we are looking at the closest thing to a cute puppy. Hence, wolf lovers dream of welcoming a wolf cub into their homes and raising/training it to behave like a domestic dog.

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Get all the answers to the most common Wolf Questions here.

The Gray wolf can vary in color: Wolf Questions

A Pair Of Gray Wolves (Author: Stefan/Wikimedia Commons cc 2.0)

There’s still so much misinformation about wolves out there. But if you’re looking for the facts and nothing else, then you’ll need to read this.

Below are 15 of the most common Wolf Questions that people frequently ask along with their answers.

15 Of The Most Common Wolf Questions Answered.

1) How many types/species of wolves exist on Earth today?

There are four species of wolves worldwide today. They are: the gray wolf (Canis lupus), the red

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