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The wolf continues to fascinate us as seen by the many ancient tales of wolves in mythology.

Romulus And Remus

Romulus And Remus As Babies (Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons)

The Wolf continues to capture our imagination and the evidence is everywhere. From literature to movies you’ll find references to wolves often.

Apparently, past generations aren’t left out too. There are almost innumerable stories of wolves in mythology and legends to choose from. Stories tell of their achievements, victories, and sometimes evil ways, in many legends passed down for generations.

That mysterious, wild and untamed spirit just won’t die. To date.

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Improved conservation efforts means wolves are making a strong comeback. Show your support with these Wolf Tattoos.

Wolf And Red Rose

The image of a wolf can mean many different things and can be used to pass on a particular message depending on who’s creating it and the person looking.

Usually, it depicts one or more of the many properties of wolves: strength, resilience, cunning, speed, warrior, hunter, spiritual guide, etc.

Although these creatures were severely persecuted globally, they are gradual making a slow but steady comeback.

From the cute tattoos to the fierce and even scary ones,

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A compilation of Wolf Names and meanings from all over the world.

120 Wolf Names

No doubt, wolves are one of nature’s most intriguing creatures. Because of that, Wolf names are quite popular and have been used for centuries now.

Popular species like the Gray wolf in particular have been the subject of several movies, myths and works of fiction.

Different cultures attribute wolf names to different traits, incidents, and virtues such as bravery, victory, nobility, etc.

We’ve scoured thousands of possible wolf names and selected 120 names that are unique: so

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Though the Caspian Sea Wolf or Steppe Wolf is steadily declining in number, it’s still open to bounty hunting.

Caspian Sea Wolf

Caspian Sea Wolf (Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons cc by-s.a. 3.0)

The Caspian Sea Wolf, or Steppe Wolf, is an endangered subspecies of the gray wolf. This animal was once found throughout the area between the Caspian and Black seas but is now seriously restricted to a few scattered packs around the Caspian Sea.

Like other Eurasian wolves, these are highly social animals. However, the steady and unchecked decline in their numbers and territory means they now form smaller packs than their kind in North America.

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There are many stories about Wolves in Movies and TV but here are a few you need to know.

A Couple of wolves

A Pair Of Wolves: Pixabay

There are literally countless species of animals featured on the silver screen but none can lay a greater claim to coolness than the wolf.

Wolves have featured in movies for so long that it can be quite a task keeping up with all of them.

And, the roles are versatile too. From the cute to the tear-jerker to the downright mean and scary bad guy wolf.

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